P(r)oof Melanie Phillips was right about GayAgenda’s “Operation Edugaytion”

25 Jan

It’s a shocker. There is an actual Protocol of the Elders of Homos with a plan to make all kids gay by Feb-ruary 2012. (Feb-ruary is such a camp word, isn’t it? Say it with me: Oh that’s Abs-olutely Feb-ruary daarling).

Anyway the p(r)oof.  Are you ready Sugar Daddy?  Here it is:

Proof of Operation Edugaytion

And here’s Melanie Phillips article – proved right by actual evidence (see above): Britain’s new McCarthyites

Now that Western civilisation is collapsing all around us in a giant big pink fireball I just want to thank all zero blog readers out there. Sadly I only got to blog twice. Perhaps that’s the silver lining. Ooh I wonder if that silver lining will go with my fab-ulous new outfit!

See you all at the Purley Gaytes – gay flags and even gayer whistles at the ready – altho no heteros will be allowed in as the Gay Agenda took over Heaven many many Feb-ruaries ago: http://www.heaven-london.com/

Oh sweetie, I almost forgot. Have you seen this disgusting GayAgenda piece of propagaynda?  The dirty bastards!

GayAgenda Propagaynda

GayAgenda Propagaynda

This Gay Zombie movie has turned out to be quite the prophecy – may the Judeo-Christian (homophobic, misogynistic, racist, anti-Gentile, anti-Jewish, pro-slavery) Zombie god keep Melanie Philips safe in her kitchen when everyone else is turned gay:


Short link to this blog post (hopefully it’ll be of some use to the Natural Gaystory Museum after the big pink flood): http://bit.ly/dbblog2

Further hilarity:


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