80 million people want to be free

28 Jan

Amazing images coming out of Egypt. For decades the Arab world has had to use anti-Western rhetoric as a vicarious way of criticising their own regimes, but as the gap between democratic pluralism and totalitarianism widens, no one’s in the mood for rhetoric. Now is the time for action. We know why the caged bird sings.

Almost twenty-two years ago, imprisoned Eastern Europe rose up and no one believed it would end with the collapse of the USSR, the fall of the Berlin wall, the reunification of Germany, the spreading eastward of democracy, and the expansion of the EU.

With the MSM playing catch up with the everyday Egyptian protester, we turn to the blogosphere & twitter for the latest updates. From inside Egypt, “Sandmonkey” has the latest:


Sandmonkey blog: Where the road ends

I will update this with more links/info as things progress.

Short link to this blog post: http://j.mp/dblogEgypt


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