Homophobia’s reverse victimhood

31 Jan
Perpetual Victim Melanie Phillips

Perpetual Victim Melanie Phillips

It’s a common tactic of bullies and haters when they’re outnumbered and besieged to use the language of their victims to rally support among those who share the same prejudices, and with that the perpetrators become the victims, a reverse of victimhood. If you’ve ever blamed a rape on the length of the victim’s skirt you have personal knowledge of how this is done.

That of course is obvious propagandising of reverse victimhood but it’s only obvious in societies where women being allowed to wear what they want is accepted. Other forms of reverse victimhood are not so easy to spot especially if the actual victims are still going through acceptance and emancipation within that society.

Indeed, society still has much prejudice, fear and ignorance to get over and so the voices that play on those prejudices, fear and ignorance will resonate. It’s then a question of degree of resonance, which is the reverse of how accepting society is.

As The Independent’s Johann Hari points out here, mouthpieces for homophobic prejudice, namely Melanie Phillips and MP Richard Drax, aren’t getting the public support for their twisting of facts that they’d like:

It’s incredibly moving to see how many heterosexual people have rallied to the defence of gay people, and it’s a reminder that we will never go back now.

So the worm needs to turn again. This time Melanie Phillips has to sink even lower to using #IAmSpartacus-style threats on Twitter and elsewhere to play her ‘new victim’ role, as if Twitter were  the new fundamentalism. She writes:

For during the past seven days, I have been subjected to an ­extraordinarily vicious outpouring of hate and incitement to violence, via email, the internet and in the mainstream media, and much worse besides.

Of course such threats are reprehensible and cannot be condoned, but did she think that ordinary gay members of the public who have suffered homophobic bullying and even physical abuse all their lives would read her distorted tirade and fear-mongering and just laugh it off? Having read her articles going as far back as her award-winning days back in the 90s I can assure you that one thing Phillips ain’t is naïve.

In a defence of her article, Phillips claims that she isn’t homophobic, that she stands up for gay people against the homophobic prejudice beaming out of Islamism, which is true, on the issue of Islamism Melanie Phillips is one of the world’s most dependable voices, but then she supports the appointment of the new government drug advisor Dr Raabe who linked the ‘destructive gay lifestyle’ to depression, STI spreading, suicide and paedophilia, – a modern day version of the blood libel if there ever were one –  facts about Dr Raabe that Phillips failed to mention as the reasons behind the ensuing outcry. Instead she painted the picture as:

Well may you rub your eyes at that. Just what have his views on homosexuality got to do with illegal drugs? Well, according to Easton, more than one member of the council is gay or lesbian.

No, Phillips, try again.

She claims not to be homophobic while distorting the facts of an inclusive gay education pack that would help to protect gay children where they face their real daily persecution, not from doll-cheating  Islamists, but in the true battleground of homophobia: British schools, saying of the curriculum:

Alas, this gay curriculum is no laughing matter. Absurd as it sounds, this is but the latest attempt to brainwash children with propaganda under the camouflage of education. It is an abuse of childhood.

And it’s all part of the ruthless campaign by the gay rights lobby to destroy the very concept of normal sexual behaviour.

After that diatribe and the predictable result she now says in all her reverse victim glory:

Given the point I was making, it followed that I was expecting a reaction which would amply bear out the truth of what I had written. The response, ­however, exceeded even my expectations.

So she’s self-righteous, too.

Indeed, Johann Hari recalls that Melanie Phillips was behind the anti-vaccination ‘witch hunt’ campaign that has resulted in the deaths of children – which she’s yet to apologise for. Hari writes:

As a side-note, it’s especially galling to be accused of endangering children by Melanie Phillips, the journalist in Britain who has done more to recklessly endanger children than any other I can think of. She was the leading journalistic champion of the false claim that the MMR vaccine causes autism. She refused to listen to the overwhelming scientific consensus and instead promoted the claims of a fraudster called Andrew Wakefield. After she played a key role in spreading and popularizing his claims, the rate of children being vaccinated plummeted, and several have died.

Even after the British Medical Journal concluded that Wakefield staged an “elaborate fraud”, she has refused to apologise. I’d say persuading parents not to give their kids a life-saving vaccine based on the claims of a charlatan was a bigger “abuse of childhood” than teaching them that gay people exist, wouldn’t you?

Where else can someone trapped by their own words go but an appeal to authority, and Phillips certainly doesn’t disappoint here, she writes:

And I know that many gay people are very decently troubled by my central point, that the equality agenda is depriving Christians of their rights to live their lives in accordance with their principles.

We may ask who are these ‘many gay people’ and exactly how representative of gays everywhere are they? I don’t know any gay people who want Christians and their hollow pick-n-mix morality to circumvent all and any UK laws that stand in their way. Where does Phillips get these ‘many gay people’ from, the Catholic Church perhaps?

And so putting it all together there should be a new title for such people available on all forms everywhere. Next to “mr”, “miss”, and “mrs” there should be the title “perpetual victim” for those who perpetrate a fear and hate campaign and then wonder why they receive an angry backlash.

After all this, Melanie Phillips may not be homophobic and it’s her business if she is, but she’s preaching to a homophobic audience nonetheless, giving them a distorted picture for them to use as verbal and physical ammunition, which gay children the world over will have to bear the brunt of in the battlefield that is the school playground, corridor, and classroom. Thanks but not thanks, Mel.

Previously: P(r)oof Melanie Phillips is right about GayAgenda’s “Operation Edugaytion”.

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