Novelist Anne Rice does the religious hokey-cokey over gay rights

5 Feb

left leg in: Anne Rice, Back To Atheism

In 1998 Anne Rice put her left leg in, back in the Catholic Church after having put her right leg in atheism. One could wonder why she didn’t choose to put her left leg in a more liberal women-friendly institution, but that would perhaps make life too simple and logical, especially for a former “atheist”. And now true to the song she’s put her left leg out of the Catholic Church over gay rights. Didn’t she know about God’s hatred of all things gay before she rejoined the Church?

A few Anne Rice Jesus-loving novels later… does God’s hatred of gays mean the god of war Yahweh doesn’t exist after all? Sure the invisible and the non-existent look awfully alike, but surely man’s greatest delusion can’t be brought into question simply because we don’t like his sleeping policies, right? Or is this god’s manifesto all one big question of interpretation where the most powerful religions and churches all have this sweet innocent god character wrong, and novelist Anne Rice has it right, and what does that tell us about this god’s communication capabilities especially as he’s supposed to be all powerful?

I shouldn’t worry Anne Rice with these matters, she’s probably got a Vishnu, Thor or Zeus-inspired novel to write, or is she into the FSM now?

Jesus spun Anne many a money spinner

So let’s sing it together:

Oooh the hokey-cokey
Oh the hokey-cokey!
She put her left leg in, her left out
In out, in out
She shook it all about
She did the religious hokey-cokey
Then she turned around
And that’s what it’s all about!


Further reading: Anne Rice: Gay Rights Challenge Christian Faith

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