Israel: 22 Arab rights make a Jewish wrong

29 May

Don’t the Arabs claim to have invented modern mathematics?

Let’s see how good your Arabic maths is then:
We live in a world where it’s ok to have 21 Arab Muslim states with no charters of human rights, appalling discrimination against women, slavery, no gay rights, questionable equality between Muslims on the one hand and Jews & Christians on the other (Dhimmi), and no separation of Quran and state, and also this is a world where it’s ok to form a 22nd Arab Muslim state to add to the shocking human rights breaches and religious intolerance and racism.  These Arab lands together are more than 3 times the size of the European Union and 650 times bigger than Israel.  Some of these lands even possess much of the world’s oil but we only focus on oil when Jewnited States planes are in the air, hokay?

So that’s fine. Who’d have a problem with all those Arab states? You’re not racist, are you?

But wait, you white supremist probably Christian or Zionist son of a bitch in disguise, here’s the catch:

Also on this planet we live on, it’s NOT OK – I repeat NOT OK – for there to be one tiny Jewish state smaller than New Jersey or Wales. Not one! No home for ethnic Jews to flee the ignorance that spawned this blog post. No home for Jews regardless of their race, colour, gender, sexuality, or religious affiliation.

Non, mon cherie amour! ¡Dije que no!

22 Arab Muslim states is fine even with the most appalling human rights record since the Nazis, culminating in the murder of millions of Arabs by oppressive Arab regimes. No one quibbles, certainly not the UN, and no one singles out any Arab state for “special treatment” solely to call their existence into question. Of course not. Calling an Arab state’s existence into question even though most were created around the time of Israel? That would be ridiculous.

But Jews can only be Jews in their own piss-pot smaller-than-Wales dot of a state if their piss-pot dot of a state is secular.  It absolutely cannot be Jewish (or secular Jewish) no matter how many secular and atheist ethnically Jewish left-wing socialists founded the country. That’s apartheid, you Judeo-Christian (white) supremist scumbag!

No one calls any other nation’s right to exist into question, but if Israel so much as dares to consider its tiny crumb on the map to be an escape pad for black, white, gay, male, female, religious, secular, atheist Jews in a – hello! – sometimes quite anti-Jewish world and its subsequent bias against Israel,  then you are perfectly correct to call Israel’s existence into question – and what’s more, that’s not racist!  Dat ain’t even antisemitic, yo!  In fact that makes you a bit of a liberal and a leftist (but not all at once I hope ;))

So, did you spot the double standard?

If not here’s the above in map form; this is what planet Earth looks like:

(Israel has been enlarged so you can almost see it. Can you see it?)

Did you hear what happened when the seahorse met the sharks? The seahorse was told to give up his only strategic foothold in the sea because the sharks wanted even more room to swim in.

Of course those of us from an atheist perspective call all nationality along any religious lines into question. But what we shouldn’t do is single out only one country, the only one that happens to be Jewish, for special treatment, while completely ignoring the fact that the entire planet is made up of hundreds of countries based on other religions – some far less secular and tolerant than Judaism for that matter.

It is transparent bias to focus on Israel’s Jewishness and ignore Palestine’s or the Arab League’s Islamoheit when comparing the two. All that is achieved by focusing solely on the only country on the planet that is Jewish is that it turns Israel into a smokescreen – a smokescreen that is used to cover up and hide the horrendous human rights breaches in the Arab and wider Muslim world.

And that ain’t progressive.

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